Nice to meet you!
I am Pierre COLSON, Product Designer based in Seoul, South Korea.

I worked on enhancing my design process and visual skills by taking part of Designlab Design bootcamp. From User Research to Usability Testing, I could experience every step of the Design Process by working on various projects, mentored by professional Product Designers.

Always eager for new innovative and creative challenges, I focus my work on users’ needs to craft creative solutions inspired by a rich and multicultural background. My previous experience allows me to develop a strong attention to detail along with solid empathy skills: always being curious and a good listener help me to understand users’ needs and reach business goals while communicating efficiently with my peers.

My passion for photography taught me how to apprehend creative patterns and understand how they impact people, but also how to go beyond to outstrip the user experience.

Currently based in Seoul, South Korea

French nationality with Korean F-VISA

Open to relocation

Where I lived ?
South- Korea
Where I have worked ?
MN Co.
MKG Group

Collection of personal work. UI work to Photography.

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