Simplifying Candidate Screening with flairAI Recruiting

flairAI Recruiting provides recruiters with an AI-generated score from 0-100 to compare each job applicant's resume and cover letter against the key job requirements. It’s particularly useful with large candidate pools of 300+ applicants, and aims to give recruiter a head start on screening by automatically ranking and scoring candidates based on how well their skills, experience, and qualifications match the position.

All-in-One HR and Recruiting Software on top of Salesforce


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7/10 CSAT

50% Time Saved

50% Adoption



In our research, we aimed to identify ways to effectively leverage AI technology to streamline time-consuming tasks in the HR field, with a specific focus on expediting the recruiting process. To gain deeper insights, we conducted interviews with our customers, primarily companies that frequently hire large numbers of applicants. Through these interviews, we discovered that the screening process was a major pain point, as the abundance of applications made it tedious and challenging for recruiters to identify the most suitable candidates. Recruiters expressed the need for a solution that could provide them with a pattern or starting point for their screening operations, helping them save valuable time and effort.


While utilizing modern AI API technologies facilitated the integration of the solution into our product, we faced several challenges in other areas.

Trust in the Outcomes

To address this, we implemented a transparent process, ensuring that users always had a clear understanding of how the AI was making decisions and providing results.

Managing Complex User Interface

To achieve this, we focused on designing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the initial assessment of candidates.

Provide Support

we initiated a beta campaign where users were actively engaged in rating the results and providing feedback.

Seamlessly Integrated to Existing Workflows

Recognizing the diverse nature of HR workflows and the different personas of recruiters, we focused on seamlessly integrating the solution into existing workflows, in Salesforce with lightening components and flair self-service as well.


The implementation of flairAI Recruiting achieved remarkable outcomes, including a 50% reduction in screening time, improved candidate quality, 50% user adoption among existing customers, a user satisfaction rating of 7 out of 10, strengthened sales pitch, expanded product dimension, and increased visibility at Salesforce conventions.

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