Enable contextual collaboration into HR with commenting

For the HR team, one of the primary challenges is establishing a trustworthy, dependable, and context-specific communication channel that connects everyone, from HR personnel to managers and employees. By integrating a comment feature into flair, each individual gets access to effective communication on HR topics, regardless of the flair platform they're engaging with.


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60% Adoption



Many of our customers expressed the need for a direct line of communication between HR teams, operating in Salesforce flair app; and managers and employees, dealing with HR processes into flair self-service: The employee Hub.

Multiplication of Communication Channels

HR communicates with managers and employees through various platforms, but this causes information loss and inefficiencies in information retrieval.

Lack of Context

Since these discussions occur outside the HR tool, much of the context is lost, making it nearly impossible to create a history.


By integrating the commenting feature within flair's Employee Hub, our goal is to establish flair as the central HR hub within companies, effectively keeping users engaged throughout the entire HR process journey.

Facilitate Contextual Discussions

Allow users to discuss topics in their context.

High Visibility for All Personas

Modular inbox to allow user to access all records comments, within Salesforce and the Employee Hub.

Scalability for Various Record and Object Types

Record forms in Salesforce and flair Employee Hub vary, requiring the commenting component to adapt to all UI types.

Increase Employee Engagement

Introducing employee engagement features like reactions to promote a positive and collaborative work environment.

Multiple Platforms and Personas, One Communication Channel


The integration of the commenting feature in flair's HRIS solution has yielded outstanding outcomes. Users now enjoy an improved collaboration experience, effortlessly communicating, sharing ideas, and providing feedback wherever they are. Supported by a notable CSAT score of 8/10, a high NPS score of 50 for employees, and an impressive adoption rate of 60%. These results demonstrate the successful implementation of the commenting feature, resulting in heightened user satisfaction, increased employee engagement, and widespread utilization of this valuable collaboration tool throughout flair platform.

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